Surf Training Factory Live

Episode 19: Best Surf Wax

July 24, 2019

Interested in buying surf wax for your new surfboard? Here are a few things to look at that may help you choose the right one.

In the past, Sex Wax was the clear leader for board wax in the surfing industry as well as other water related sports. Today, however, Sex Wax has fallen behind the competition from Sticky Bumps Surf Wax for many surfers. Sticky Bumps is the largest manufacturer of surf wax in the world, and their new lineup of different kinds of surf wax is really putting pressure on Sex Wax and other wax brands. In fact, it’s tough to compare the Sticky Bumps wax side-by-side and not be amazed by how much more advanced their surf wax is than the Sex Wax. Still, some people love the brand name Sex Wax, or want to save some money and will end up choosing something like the Mrs. Palmers, which is still very capable surf wax.


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