Surf Training Factory Live

Episode 18: Basic Meal Planning

July 24, 2019

For surfers, a basic  meal planning is quite easy to do but can be very overwhelming. It might be time consuming but at the end it is all worth it. Refer to the pyramid information below to make sure you have the basic food requirements met for all family members. There is also a plate with an idea of what should be on it made by the USDA and is called ChooseMyPlate. It is a great way to find the outlines of what your family and you need to add to your diet every day. Then cross check and plan by looking over basic food categories to target healthy foods to fit the lifestyles and health of everyone. For example, if someone has eats too much sugar, add some fruits with healthy sugars and reduce the intake to help them get over that need of unhealthy sugars.


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