Surf Training Factory Live

Episode 9: Surfing Etiquette To Follow

May 14, 2019

The surfing etiquette is the most important thing to learn before paddling out. It is not so much about rules but more a code of moral conduct for everybody to stay safe and have fun in the water. The basic rules of surfing are not the same, they are more “common sense” and the surf etiquette is designed for safety measures. Surfers who don’t repeatedly follow the etiquette are often given the stink-eye, yelled at, or to the extreme beat up.

The surfing etiquette is about the right of way, not dropping in, know where to paddle, not ditching your board, not snaking somebody, being respectful to others and the beaches, not being a wave hog, knowing what to do if you mess up and when if you are a beginner knowing to not paddle in a crowded lineup.

Learn more about the surf etiquette to follow at: