Surf Training Factory Live

Episode 5: The Do’s and Don’ts of Surfing

April 16, 2019

Just like any other sports have rules that everybody should follow while learning, and continue to follow even as an intermediate or advanced surfer we bring you the Basic Rules of Surfing and Best Surf Tips to better prepare you. Everybody started the same way and everyone was not a pro surfer from the first time they started. It is impossible to just be good; you have to go through the process of learning slowly and improving over time. 

In a quick run through you will need to focus on the priority of the surfer paddling for the wave, holding down your board, duck diving, turtle diving, the rips, controlled beaches, staying in your comfort zone, great conditions, lots of sunscreen, no alcohol, being aware, eating some food, be respectful, courteous, surf with a buddy, always warm up before surfing, being safe, and most important….having fun!


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