Surf Training Factory Live

Episode 25: Everyday Essential Surf Equipment

September 10, 2019

Surfing is not a very hard sport to understand the basics of. But before starting out and break down the everyday essential surf equipment, you need to know those basics, making sure you know what is going on when putting your equipment together for your next surf session. It also helps when someone else talks to you about it and you look and sound like a pro. The list of surf equipment depends on your surfing level; a beginner will need less equipment then an advanced surfer depending on what the surfer’s preferences.

Not like a lot of extreme sports, surfing only requires you to have a surfboard and yourself to glide over the water on a wave. The everyday essential surf equipment will be a surfboard, leash, wax, and fins. But like I said before, as you progress you might need more equipment such as surf gadgets, your favorite surfboard, and a backup, a surfboard bag and so on.

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