Surf Training Factory Live

Episode 11: Best Surf Cameras

May 28, 2019

In Today’s world if you don’t take a picture or video of what you are doing, did you really do it? So nowadays if you don’t have a digital waterproof surf camera that can prove you went surfing, shredded some waves, fought off a shark with only a bar of wax and your leash….did you really go surfing? Waterproof surf cameras are an essential tool for modern surfers and cameras have been upgraded to fit surfing needs.

Waterproof cameras can help provide lots of help for surfers. They can now see their stance position, tricks, and being able to correct positions and wave riding decisions to help them improve much faster.

Surf cameras must meet requirements before being able to use it in the water. Wearability, portability, weight, quality of images, videos, and digital combability are the most important things the camera must have before buying it for surfing.

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